With its magnificent skyline, Dubai stands tall as an epitome of excellence in design and architecture-a dream for other cities to follow. And from there, another technology is rising, the “Smart glass” technology that allows glass to change its properties with the application of electricity.

You can have windows that change from clear to opaque, can become one-way glass (transparent on one side, mirrored on the other) and can even control how much heat or light is let through.

This technology uses microscopic particles embedded in the glass. Once the initial electric impulse has been applied, the change takes place anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, starting at the edges and then moving towards the center. To reverse the process, another electrical impulse is applied. A form of passive smart glass technology is used in sunglasses whose lens darkens depending on the intensity of the light. Switchable glass has a variety of applications.

In homes and offices, it can be used to create windows that can take the place of blinds, and even reduce the need for heating or cooling, reducing energy bills and making them more environmentally friendly. It is used on cars and boats to help make them safer and more comfortable for drivers and passengers. You can also find smart glass used in smart phones, computer monitor screens and even the windows of appliances.